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3plus1 Estate Sales, LLC. About Us


     Having an estate sale is a very personal and sometimes invasive experience. You invite strangers into your home and they rummage through all of your stuff, moving it around and then placing a monetary value on things that you see as priceless. 

     It’s important that you know a bit about us so you will feel more comfortable with us in your home. 3plus1 Estate Sales, LLC. is owned and run by Michael, Key & Jacqui. The three of us met while working for another estate sale company. Now we have branched out on our own.  While the three of us come from very different backgrounds, we have one thing in common: a true love for this business. We each bring something different to the table, whether its Michael’s love for antique tools & all things man to Key’s love for glassware & antiques to Jacqui’s love for all things sports and pop culture. We love it all from old to new. Together we are very proud of the hard work we do and our passion will always be evident and, we hope, infectious. We are trustworthy, reliable and hard-working. Put your estate in our hands and you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of for you.

     Creating 3plus1 was a natural progression for us because we love everything about this business. We love getting to know the families and the stories behind their items. We especially enjoy the feeling of taking the burden off our client’s shoulders during a very stressful time. We take extreme pride in showing each item respect and care. Setting up a home for a sale is our favorite part of the process. It takes a great deal of time and care to transform clutter and disarray into something organized and shoppable. Every home is a personal challenge for us. We succeed in this industry because we truly care about what we do and we take immense pride in every little detail. ‘That will do’ is never a phrase we utter; in fact, we hate it. We raise the bar in the estate sale/liquidation industry by offering honest professional service. We go above and beyond to help you shrink down the items you need to remove from your home.  We love the recycling of an estate sale. Items that once were loved are given the chance to be loved again. Saving items from landfill is very important to us.

     We also love our customers. We love the rapport we have with them and how they follow us from sale to sale. You can trust 3plus1 Estate Sales, LLC. for all your liquidating needs. We look forward to meeting you.

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