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Attending A Sale

Modern Home
Please be respectful

Remember this is or was someone’s home. Please put things back if you decide against them. We welcome rummaging but if you mess up an area please consider the hours and pride it took to make that area nice and shoppable and let the person after you experience that same shopping experience. Most importantly treat the home as you would treat your own, or even better because its not your own. We are all guests in someone else’s house, so

let's all please act like it!

Uplifted Youth
Early morning sign up sheets

We need to control the flow and amount of people entering a home at all times. We also love to keep things as fair as possible. For this reason we place a sign up sheet on the front door of the home at 7am on sale days. You simply write your name on the sheet and you will be let in the house at 9am in the order your name appears on the sheet. 

Credit Card
All sales are final

It is the customers' responsibility to test any and all items they are buying. Items that we have found to be damaged will be marked 'as is' meaning we have adjusted the price based on quality. All sales are final so please make sure you are happy with the item you wish to purchase.

Movers Carrying Shelving Unit
Moving Furniture

We absolutely love when people buy furniture! Please consider how you will load it into your vehicle as we would prefer you have someone with you to help you. In extreme cases we can help but that is not a guarantee. We urge you to be very careful in moving items – If you damage the home, you will be responsible for repairs. Also please don’t bring a Prius to pick up your king bed!

When buying large items

Items of larger size or monetary value will have a large item description tag on them. If you wish to purchase that item, please take the tag and find a sales representative to ask them to place a sold sign on the item. Take the tag to the register to purchase. After you pay for the item the sales representative must see your receipt when you come to pick up your item. All purchased items must be picked up by 2pm on final day of sale. 

Notice Board
Respect any 'do not enter' areas

Certain areas will be taped off or doors may have ‘do not enter’ signs on them. Please do not take anything from the taped off area or enter rooms marked do not enter. The great and powerful Oz is not behind any curtains or doors so there is no need for you to be anywhere other than sale areas.

Parked Motor Scooter
Parking & Loading

Please obey parking regulations in the neighborhood where the sale is being held. Do not block driveways or mailboxes. If there are no sidewalks and the street literally goes from road to front yard, do not park in the grass of someone’s front yard. If you park on grass and the homeowner of that property comes running out of the front door with a baseball bat, you are on your own! The driveway will be for loading only. Do not block the driveway where the sale is taking place.

Kid Piling Blocks

We love having little munchkins at our sales. Most sales even have toys of some sort for them. But, for everybody's safety, they must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children found running around unaccompanied will be given copious amounts of sugary candy and a drum kit to take home with them.

Crime Scene Investigation

We price items to sell so there is absolutely no reason to steal! Don't steal from the little guy...leave that to the government. Anyone caught stealing will obviously be banned from all future sales and given a free ride in a police car.

Flexible Payment Planning

We price to sell!!!!!! But please keep in mind we need to make some money for our client. Our goal is twofold:  make money for our client while giving customers amazing deals. It’s definitely a juggling act and we like to think we are darn good at it. We promise to be above-board regarding sale items so as to reach the best client/customer ratio on prices.

Fist Pound
Negotiating & Discounts

We spend a lot of hours pricing items in an estate. With that said, please don’t insult us with low ball offers ten minutes into the sale on day one. We will develop a complex! Our final day of a sale will be our discount day. If there is an item that you want and you make us a verbal offer that we do not accept, you are welcome to place a written bid on that item. If the item is still available at noon on the final day of the sale, we will contact the highest bidder by phone. If that’s you you’ll have 2 hours to come and purchase the item.

Dollar Bill in Jar
Sales Tax & Methods of payment

We do not charge sales tax. You get to experience what shopping outside these United Sates looks like. The price you see is the price you pay! We accept all major credit cards except American Express. We pay the card fees so you don’t have to, hence the no American Express! Cash is king and checks are not for us because we have trust issues.

Playing Foosball
Have a good time

Our sales provide a gathering place for retro collectors, hipster pickers, antique seekers, people who hate shopping at Walmart and Hobby Lobby, and everyone in between. We like to think of ourselves as nice people who absolutely love their job. So come and say hi and lets all have a great time.

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