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"Our family is profoundly thankful for finding 3plus1 Estate Sales! The company owners, Michael, Chiara and Jacqui, promptly responded to our family's call by coming to our home and reviewing our situation. Immediately, both my brother and I found them easy to talk with and we gained a comfort in asking all manner of questions. We had never been in this situation before.

We were offered a Welcome Folder which was helpful and supportive, as we were grieving. This information helped us with direction and a clear path to the work that was about to be done. Additionally, our family interviewed two other companies in-person and three companies via telephone. The obvious choice was 3plus1 Estate Sales.

We felt a very personable connection that we did not experience with any other company. Our family enjoyed a great sense of calm and relief as 3plus1 took over the house respectfully and responsibly. The weight of this loving duty our family needed to handle was now being carried by 3plus1.

We found 3plus1 was an excellent value for the incredible work provided. They organized, cleaned, and grouped items-even moving some furniture to elevate the contents to their glory! We were overwhelmed with the beautiful set-up which created the perfect shopping space. We appreciated that the company did not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding any items. Chiara, Jacqui and Michael were always available and responsive to any discussion or questions as they worked. All items were fairly priced and clearly labeled. 3plus1 took many attractive photos of items in our sale and with our permission, included a heartfelt homage to our folks to on the internet. They handled all networking and advertising. Signs were eye-catching and posted on local intersections, guiding shoppers to the home. They surpassed CDC guidelines for safety. For convenience, they accepted credit cards and cash. The sale was amply staffed by responsible friendly staff, including the owners Michael, Jacqui and Chiara. Friends, coworkers and family members who attended the sale said it was the most memorable estate sale they ever attended! All of 3plus1's diligent, hard work led to a successful sale.

At the end, the team removed their display tables, swept, and vacuumed. There was a final meeting for payout on the sale where they provided our family with an impressive, clear accounting of the sale. Emotionally, letting go of a lifetime of items was a difficult part of the journey but rest assured their assistance made this road more navigable! It was truly a wonderful, complete feeling that 3plus1 attentively and painstakingly worked on our behalf. Our heartfelt gratitude to the team and our thanks for their deepest respect for our folks' belongings. Our family is confident you will be supremely pleased working with 3plus1 Estate Sales!"


"This company was an integral part of our moving process. I never had the experience of having an estate sale, and 3plus1 came in and made selling all our "stuff" a smooth and seamless process. They worked hard in the setup and during the sale, and more importantly, they are a group that are honest and trustworthy. I highly recommend them for managing estate sales."


"This is such a great company! They were efficient, wonderful to work with and they listened. They understood how difficult this situation was and treated everyone involved with dignity, respect and understanding. Between the garage full of tools and the house stuffed with various collections, I thought I would never be able to clean all of this out, let alone be able to sell all of it, but 3 plus 1 did and more. Thank you for going the extra mile."


I am a relatively new estate sale attendee but have thoroughly enjoyed going to them for the last two years or so. This 3plus1 estate sale business seems to be top notch. Everything was well tagged and organized and the answers given to my questions made me realize that these owners of this company are true pros. Masks were required, hand sanitizers were available and traffic flow was directed one way. I now look for the sales from this company as my first stop on my Saturday morning excursions..."


"My family recently hired 3plus1estates sales to sell my mother's estate. During this difficult time of transition, the three of you made this emotional time for me and my family as comfortable as you possibly could. 
Your organizational skill and attention to detail made this journey much less daunting than we thought it would be. The care and concern you took with our families "treasures" made us feel cared for in a special way.  Thank you for you from the bottom of our hearts. We would highly recommend using your services to any potential clients."

MARY H. - JULY 2020

"By far the best estate team around. Whether they are hosting a sale for you, or you are hunting treasures at one of their wonderful events- they’ll make you feel like family EVERYTIME. You’ll never meet a group of friendlier, more outgoing, or hardworking people. I’ve seen these beautiful people on several occasions, always with smiling faces! Check them out, you’re sure to find great bargains, and a great time!"

KAYLA M. - JULY 2020

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